Webkinz Pet Of The Month

September 2, 2007


We’ve just received official word and confirmation that Ganz is introducing a Pet of the Month program in Webkinz World. According to the documentation, adopting the Pet of the Month in that month will give members special gifts, extra Kinz Cash and new special Pet of the Month virtual items!!!

The Pet of the Month items are exclusive and cannot be purchased or won, other than by registering a Pet of the Month during that month!!

The program is going to start in about 6 weeks, on October 1st. Each month, the pet will change.

Ganz plans to announce each month’s Pet of the Month in Webkinz World, as well as the current Pet of the Month, most likely through the virtual catalog. You can purchase the Pet of the Month in advance, but you must register the pet by entering the code once the new month begins!

Also, if you purchase and try to register a pet that is going to be the next Pet of the Month, a warning message will appear, asking you if you’d like to wait! Great thinking!

Rules / Details:

  • The pet has to be adopted during the Pet of the Month period to get the exclusive items.
  • Pets can be purchased ahead of time, but don’t register it until the month begins.
  • If you try to register an upcoming Pet of the Month in the month prior to it being the Pet of the Month, a warning message will come up, warning you to wait.
  • Pet of the Month adoptions will receive a “loot bag” full of surprises: bonus Kinzcash and more, and a new special Pet of the Month virtual exclusive item that can’t be purchased or won otherwise!
  • Items may include vehicles, animated ponds and other great items!
  • Every month, the next Pet of the Month will be announced in Webkinz World, so you will have time to find it!

With October being the first period with a Pet of the Month, Ganz has chosen their very first Webkinz, the Webkinz Frog to be the Pet of the Month.


Webkinz Mouse Pads

September 2, 2007

Ganz has came out with webkinz mouse pads for your computer! Which are around 2 – 9 bucks cause it really depends on your store. There are 4 different kinds of mouse pads. They come with a feature code when you get one which will lead you to an awesome webkinz picture!


September 2, 2007

Welcome to my new webkinz site…

As before my site was: http://www.slam2014.wordpress.com

I decided to make a new site because my old one wasn’t that good, so heres me new one!